Spring Break

What is not nailed down is flying right now.  I figured I should try to get in our spring break post before it is already summer break!   I am only a month behind... Springtime is really wonderful here, so why would we go anywhere else?
 The woman who graciously allows Hailey to ride her horses injured her knee and has been unable to ride with Hailey.  So I got invited to go for a ride with her one day!!  It has been a long time since I have ridden.  I wore the same boots I wore when I leased a horse in college.  At least my feet haven't got any fatter!
I felt like John Wayne as we rode out in the picturesque desert.  Hailey is a little too confident of a rider for her mother's cautious nature.  We heard a rattle snake giving us a warning shakedown.  I began to panic as I thought of Hailey riding out in the hot, dangerous desert all alone and started quizzing her on what she would do in this and that situation.  Hmm.  I can't imagine why she hasn't asked me to ride with her again.  :)  But it was a really special time riding with my real life cowgirl.  I am just amazed by her ability and connection with the horses.  Sunny bucked and she held on and made it look easy as thought they were one unit.  Again, my motherly concern went into overdrive.  I am thinking ignorance is bliss in this situation.
 One of the first orders of business was a little spring cleaning.  The kids had 86 pounds of trash and clothes to donate!  Yes, we will be auditioning for the next season of hoarders.  Then there are always treats like chips, sushi and Starbucks to reward little pack rats for decluttering.
 Max had colleague visiting from Canada who went to a hockey game with.  It was the first time we have been to the hockey arena in Phoenix and nearly 15 years since we have been to a hockey game.  Being so close to the ice was exciting and cold!
 Another fun spring break treat was eating at In and Out.  It never gets old.
 I almost fainted when the K buddies dressed as twins.  Long gone are my days of dressing them in matching Gymboree outfits.  Sniff, sniff.  Treat for mom.
 Daddy got a treat too.
Little man still loves to ride the train.  I figured we had better get in as many train rides as we can before he outgrows it.
We couldn't pass up a free treat at Dairy Queen!
 The kids really, really, really wanted to sleep on the tramp.  Luckily they have the best dad in the world and he was willing to sleep outside with them.  They were thrilled and I was very comfy in my bed, as was Hailey!
 It is officially flip flop season so the girls were treated to a special pedicure and now have cute toes.
With spring break we opened the pool because life is just better by the pool even if the water is only 70 degrees.  It was great to have a week with my babies but it gave me the bug for summer really bad!  Only 28 days of school left, but who's counting?!

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