2 for 1

It is rare that we split up.  It is even rarer that I get two of the kids and Max gets two of the kids for a weekend.  The first weekend in May Max, Karlie, and Hank made their annual trip to the desert with Pops and Max's uncles Dave and John.
 It happened to be the same weekend that Kaitlin's class was having their overnight at the Phoenix Zoo.  Kaitlin's best friend and her mom went too!  We got to have a girls night out while Hailey spent the night at her friend's house.  First we went out to dinner before heading to the zoo.
 The girls had a blast learning about the zoo animals but mostly they loved getting some extra time together.
Kaitlin got up and made waffles for us!
We had a fun weekend of Starbucks treats, shopping and snuggling.  Even Siri joined for the movie night in Mommy's bed.
These wild things drove 5 hours to a new campsite in California.
In all the years the boys have been going to the desert, a girl has never gone.  I can't imagine why.  But Karlie became the first desert chick and had no problem hanging with the boys.
She loved shooting the BB gun, setting fires, and lighting bottle rockets.  But the highlight for her was driving the truck, peddles and all, ALL-BY-HERSELF.  We only lost a few parts off the truck...
She didn't even mind sleeping in the back of the truck.
Hank loves everything about the desert, especially the Pops and dirt buggy factor.  Pops popped the wheel THREE times!  I think Max needs to teach him to drive.
 Max loves to let his redneck side out.  My all American cowboy for sure!
 The kids really like the way they get to eat in the desert.  I have learned there are no rules in the desert.  Eating steaks on a fork like barbarians, no napkins, no washing hands, no manners, and no limits in dessert.  Hank had to be reminded more than once he wasn't in the desert anymore the week after he got home.
It is such a special trip for them and I am grateful Max takes them.  When Hank was packing to go the first thing he wanted to pack was his Little Critter book, Just Me and My Dad and he made sure to grab his stuffed Little Critter too.
Each night one of the kids slept in the back of Pop's truck with Pops and the other in the back of Max's truck with Max.  This gave Max and opportunity to read the Just Me and My Dad book individually to each of them, which he said was very special.
Karlie loved the weekend and can't wait for next year.
We are raising ourselves some fine young rednecks.
I sure love my wild things and was happy they had their time in the desert.  But I was even happier that they were home.


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So many great pics and even greater memories! What a blast!

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