We were so lucky to have Courtney and her family come visit us from Montana!
Courtney and I have been buddies since nursing school. This was 13 years ago at our graduation when Hailey was almost 1 years old.  A lot has changed for both of us in that time.  But each time we see each other it feels like nothing has changed.
This was four years ago when we were moving to AZ and drove up to Montana to see them.
They came to visit 2 years ago but the kids picked up like two years had never passed.  But oh how much they have all grown. :(
Our kids and hubbies get a long as well as we do, which always makes for a fun time. 
Cate remember when they visited last time that Max took them to get donuts one morning.  She asked him if they could do it again.  How could he say no to that sweet face?
This time they got to stand up in the Jeep for a little bit too!
Bodi and Cate had a few heated foosball matches.
But the one thing kids love most is playing in the pool!
 The grown-ups don't mind it too much either.
 We had a really nice Saturday taking it easy and catching up.
 By Sunday the girls were wishing Cate was their sister and I couldn't get enough of sweet Bodi boy. :)
 When it was time to leave on Sunday Bodi didn't want to go.  He started to cry when he couldn't take his yellow inner tube with him, so I promised to send it to him.  He said, "But you will forget."  I made him a promise I would send it the next day.  True to my word, I sent it out first thing Monday.  I know he will have many uses for it in Montana!
 Celebrations like these require lots of food, especially pie!
 Courtney and I stayed up late into the night chatting.  Both Max and Brennan fell asleep next to us and we giggled as they snored or started to talk as though they had been a part of the conversation.  Oh how I miss this girl!
 We managed to pull ourselves out of bed with a a few hours of sleep under our belt and hiked up sunrise mountain.  It was a beautiful hike with beautiful people.  Thanks so much for squeezing time into see us.  Can't wait to come see you in October!

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Courtney said...

Oh Katie! I love how much our boys and kids click just as much as I love our friendship! You are one of those friends in life. The forever kind. I remember meeting on the first day of Nursing school in that auditorium we had MY dreaded pharmacology class in. Dr. Pepper wasn't it? We both agreed we would be midwives, making mamas proud! :) Through careers, kids, moves, hubs, margs, and so much more I cherish our friendship! Time goes by and I love our visits together catching up. We can't wait for October! Bring the Uggs! ;)