First Grade Fun

First grade is lots of fun!  With school wrapping up we have had many opportunities to be apart of the fun.
 First grade did an adorable play based on the book Mooncake by Frank Asch. In the story the little bear builds a rocket to go to the moon so he can taste it.  Hank was a pretty cute little bear and did very well on delivering his lines up in front of so many people.  
 While they were working on their play, they each had to construct a rocket at home.  The only limitations was that it had to be 24 inches or less.  Hank and Max whipped up at Batrocket of course! 
 Hank was Star Student for the week last week.   As Star Student each day they get to do something special, like bring in an estimation jar of goodies, present their poster about them, and bring in a special item like a trophy or favorite toy.
The final day a guest reader from the Star Student's family comes into read the child's favorite books to the class.  We surprised Hank, and Max showed up to read!  I knew Daddy had to do this one when Hank picked the book Just Me and My Dad.  This is likely the last grade and or last kid for a guest reader, so I pushed Max to make it!  I think he is glad he did.
Hank was beaming!  Max was beaming.  His teacher was beaming.  I was crying...  His other favorite book is I Like Me.  I think it's his favorite because we eat cookies in bed together when we read it. :) 
His art made in the art show too.  Its been so fun to see all Hank gets to do in first grade.  We sure love this guy to the moon and back.

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