Hank's Spartan Race Birthday Party

Hank loved doing the Spartan Race so much that he wanted to have a Spartan Race theme for his birthday party.  It sounded like a perfect way to keep a bunch of 7 year olds busy for 2 hours.
Max made a stencil to spray fabric paint on to boys and girls T-shirts.  I ordered some medals from Amazon to hand out after they completed the race.  It is so fun to see the kids wearing their shirts at school!
 The decorations had a little Batman in them since Hank is still quite the fan.  Spartan hasn't gotten into selling birthday supplies just yet.  The goodie bags had a a Gatoraide, kids protein bar, and a banana in them just like when you finish a real Spartan race.  They also got some bubble wands, balloons and a candy bracelet to drive their parents crazy when they went home.
The Sunday of his party was one of those days that one of us had to be running kids to events the entire day.  Max took over the cake while I ran the ladies around.
Hank wanted vanilla and chocolate cake!  Max did not disappoint.  However, when I got home to do the fondant, it was just a bad fondant day.  The worst fondant experience I have had!  I could not get it to firm up.  It kept tearing no matter what I tried.  Always down to the last minute in our house!  I didn't have time to get more supplies and start over.  So I was able to just make a fondant top that I could spray the Spartan design on with the Wilton food color spray.  I then sprayed the rest of the cake black!  Emergency is the essence of all new creations! :)
 Max must be the only man that is a Spartan stud and a stud in the kitchen! He can make a cake better than most women.  Now that's a real man ladies!
 Max designed an awesome obstacle course for the kids too!  They started by sliding down he slip-N-slide.
Then they had to climb the rock wall and zip-line over to the rope climb.
 Max gave them a little help as they climbed to the top of the tree!
Then they had to swing on the swing and hit the tree house with their foot before running to the weight pull.
Max put 25 pounds of rocks in the bucket, so these little guys had to pull about half their weight up!
 Then they had to do the "barbed wire" crawl under the tramp.
 I was standing at the spear chucking station making sure no one got speared!
 Then they had to run to the other side of the yard and carry a 25 pound weight back before crossing the finish line with the slip-N-slide.

 They were then awarded their medal and got to cheer their teammates on!
 This little cutie pie was the official medal handler and my personal helper.  I just might have to keep her.
 A bunch of champion Spartans!
 God was really smiling down on Hank during his party.  We have had the strangest weather this spring.  That whole morning it had been cloudy and threatening to rain.  Just as his guest arrived it began to pour.  
 With the obstacles all outside and me not having a back up plan because it NEVER rains in Arizona, it was looking like we were going to have to have a movie and popcorn party instead.
  But just as the last guest arrived the clouds parted and the hot sun shined down.
 We got through the whole party with glorious, hot weather.
 So warm the kids continued to play on the slip-N-slide and in the pool.
As the parent's arrived, the clouds returned and it started pouring again.  We spent the evening curled up on the couch in blankets watching a movie after all.  Our little Spartan had a great birthday with all of his buddies and getting to do what he loves best, run wild!

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