Happy Mother's Day!

 Not many people on earth get to have their dream job.  I am blessed beyond measure that everyday I get to do my dream job.

 As child I never wanted to be "just a mom."  As a woman and mother, I can't imagine any greater calling or joy.
I honestly feel so lucky that God gave me each of the children He did.
 They each teach me, humble me, inspire me, motivate me, and over flow my heart with love.
As a mother, I hope to guide them, inspire them, motivate them, humble them, and fill them with so much love that they can conquer the world with the confidence that Mama will always have their back.
I am grateful to my mom and Jeanette who showed me what love is and as a result have nurtured me into the mother I am today.  I love you both more than I can express.
Thank you Monique for taking amazing and special pictures of our family.  You are a talented woman, who I know will make an amazing mother one day!

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Courtney said...

These photos are beautiful! Love all those smiling faces. Happy Mother's Day to one amazing Mama-your kids are blessed to call you their own. xoxo