Mother's Day Score

I love being a mom.  I know many people feel like Mother's Day is a commercialized holiday just to make a buck, but I love celebrating motherhood and all the amazing mom's in my life.  I don't want a single present except your time on Mother's Day.
 Kaitlin's class kicked off the celebrations on Friday with a Mother's Day Tea.  It was a very sweet hour of hearing first hand what 3rd graders think of their mom's.  Some were hilarious and others tender.  Kaitlin's sheet about me was sweet and I would say she knows her Mama pretty well! 
 My Mom's name is Katie, but I call her Mommy.  She is 38 years old.  Her favorite color is blue.  She loves to eat sandwiches and chips.  My Mom cooks the best at dinner (every night).  Her favorite thing to do is be with her family.  She looks prettiest when she goes on a date with daddy.  My Mom cleans the hose and shops when I'm at school.  I like to be around, talk to her.  My Mom always says,  "I Love you!"  She is awesome because she does so many things for me.  If I could give her anything, it would be 1,000,000,000 dollars.
Happy mother's Day Mom!
Love, Kaitlin 
Hank's Mom Poem was equally sweet, but I really love his spelling the most!
My mom is as pretty as a flower.
My mom is as nice as fundip.
My mom is as smart as a bryan (brain).
My mom is as caring as a nerse (nurse).
My mom is a funny as Fundip (I think he really likes Fun-Dip!)
My mom is as busy as a bee.
My mom is as sweet as a hrshecis (Hersey's).
My mom is as helpful as Evrething.  :)
Saturday while we were at a BBQ Hank fell asleep in my arms, giving me an early Mother's Day present.  The chair even rocked.  I was a happy mommy even if I was wishing he was a little baby instead of 60 pound kid.  I will happily have all limbs fall asleep if I get to rock him.
 I was spoiled all day Sunday.  I got to start the day out with a run with my two favorite running buddies.  Then everyone got dressed up for church.  Hank put on the nicest outfit he could find.  He was so proud of himself but I couldn't not laugh at his button job.  :)
 Max made me a brunch to die for.  I was very happy I had already ran some calories off!
 The only thing I wanted to do was say home and play with all my babies.  So play we did!
For corn hole it was brownies against blondies.  Brownies killed us.
 We switched up to odds against evens for foosball.  My team was definitely the odd team out.  We lost again.
Then for our final game of pool, we tried oldest against youngest where my team lost yet again!  No letting mom win on Mother's Day at this house.  But it was clear I scored big time with this family.  I had the best Mother's Day spending time with my loves.

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