Seal Life Aquarium

I might have chaperoned my last field trip.  Hank's class went to the Sea Life Aquarium and another mom and I got to be the bus mom's.  My little guy wanted to sit with me both ways.  He is such a loving boy.  As you can see, I wasn't very happy about it...
 I had a fun time chasing him and his friends around the aquarium.  Seeing the sharks and sea turtles swim over us in the tunnel was beautiful.  It was a very different experience chaperoning a group of boys this time compared to two years ago when I chaperoned Kaitlin and a group of girls.  I am not sure if the boys really saw any of the fish as they raced around trying to complete their aquarium passport.
I am so lucky to be able to be involved in the kids' school and grateful I got to go under the sea with Hank!

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