The Greatest Pastime

Hank graduated out of T-ball this year and into the AAA division.  On opening day the league needed someone to fill in to sing the the National Anthem and they asked Hailey on the spot if she would do it.  Without batting an eye she said, "Yes!"  Max and I just about lost it.  We tried to talk her out of it because we knew how hard it is to sing, especially unaccompanied by anything.  I mean professional singers mess this song up regularly.  We didn't even think she knew the words much less could hit the high notes!  As I stood in the dug out watching her, I prayed she would not be humiliated in front of all these families.  Once again Hailey hit a home run!  She did an amazing job and I was balling by the end of it.  She never ceases to amaze us.
Hank was on the same team as his two best friends, which made it a fun family affair.  While my favorite sport to watch is football, I love the family connections that are made on the sidelines of baseball games.  
The pace of baseball allows for friendly conversation and the overly aggressive sports parents seem to find other sports.  While we all keep score, everyone is genuinely happy to see the kids on either team hit the ball or make a great play.  It was great to see the boys developing this year and making a few double plays and an occasional home runs!  As a lefty, Hank routinely made it to first base and he loved nothing more than to slide into home rather he needed to or not!
Max helped coach the team this year again.  I am very thankful Hank has Max as to learn from as a dad.  Max puts everything he has into being the best father he can.  When Hank grows up he will realize what a special dad he has.  Equally the girls will hopefully have high standards in husbands, knowing the importance of finding a man you can count on to be a good husband but just as important an excellent father.
 Growing up to be a chip off the old block.
I will miss our Saturday mornings at the ballpark watching our guy play ball.  It is the greatest American and family pastime for sure.

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