Beach Pics

It doesn't get much better for family portraits then at the beach.

The background and lighting are spectacular, it is hard to take a bad picture.

Although somehow we managed to have over 500 bad ones!
It was a bit windy and all of the ladies' hair was flying all over the place.  
We also started early so the sun was still a little too intense, making us squint.
 I was the worst offender!  In nearly all the pics I look drunk or like I am falling asleep.  This is why I always have sunglasses on.  My old lady eyes can't take the sun.
But we managed to capture a few special pictures of our time.

We packed the tripod and the remote for the camera and Max was our primary photographer.
 Although Hailey snapped one of my favorites!
 We laughed as we watched a dozen other families, some with professional photographers, trying to manage the wind and the wild hair.
 So we decided to walk against the wind and see if action shots worked better.
 My two favorite boys in the world!
 My whole heart.
 Love this one with my babies.  If only we did have that photographer and Max was in it too, it would be the perfect shot for the end of our beach trip.
This is how most of the pictures turned out...
Everyone loves family picture time.
  As the Zac Brown Band sings, we had a glorious week of our "toes in the water, our bum in the sand.  Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in Mom and Dad's hand.  Life is good today.  Life is good today."

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Courtney said...

absolutely gorgeous pictures of a beautiful family! Who needs a professional?!?