Camelback Mountain

 The last weekend before school got out the heavens opened up and poured.  We had the 2nd wettest May recorded and the coolest May since 1998.  Everyone was thrilled.  If only every May could be so great!  Since the fields were too wet to play baseball and the weather was cool and cloudy, Max and I decided it was time to conquer Camelback Mountain.
Camelback is the highest mountain in the Phoenix Mountains.  It has an elevation of 2,704 and a 1,280 ft gain over 1.2 miles.
It is the most popular mountain to hike within Phoenix and arguably the most recognizable.  We were able to experience that popularity first hand!  We probably hiked with over a 100 people.  While the hike itself offered some lovely views and it was a little challenging in spots where you had to boulder, the masses of humanity made it a bust for us.  There were just too many people.  But, alas we get to check it off our list!  Eight peaks down and four to go!!
While we were gone Hailey babysat and the kids decided to prank us.  They blew up nearly 100 balloons and stuffed them all over our room.  Balloons in our bed, in our closet, the hamper, the shower and the tub.  They two littlest ones were beside themselves with glee at their little prank.  We had them put all the balloons in the tub for a balloon bath.
Looking forward to more hikes and more pranks over the summer. :)

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What a great activity your outstanding babysitter organized!!!!!!