Golden State of Mind

Two days after we returned from Florida, it was California or bust!  Max had to work in the city and we all tagged along to hang out at the Villa with a golden state of mind.
 Our first day we went to Berkley!  We tried to ride the train at Tilden Park but it hadn't opened yet for the summer, but we did manage to find the botanical garden to explore.  The beauty of California never ceases to amaze me.
 We also found the carousel, which has a magic that transcends childhood.  A trip to Berkley wouldn't be complete without a stop at Gordo's.  Sometimes things are better in your memory (like my ability to surf) and are disappointing when you try to experience it again.  Gordo's however, did not fall into this category.  It was every bit as good as I remembered.  The kids each took down an entire burrito.
 Back at the Villa Pops and Nana had a surprise!  They got the motor boat up and running.  You could hear the kids squealing with delight inside the house as Pops would spin them around and around.
 After the motor boat, it was time for a little kayak time.  Hank loves the water and despite the freezing temps he wanted to go out with Pops.
Those of us a that are a little more sensible stayed inside and rested up for the next fun day ahead!

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