Happy Birthday Hailey!

We were in Canada for Hailey's birthday and didn't get a chance to celebrate with her friends or our tradition of the birthday menu of the day.  Instead, her birthday celebrations lasted a week!
We surprised her with the family birthday banner.  This birthday banner hangs in our kitchen from Max's birthday to my birthday and then makes a reappearance for Hailey's.  When they went to sleep, we snuck it up so she would wake up to it.
We also brought a few small gifts.  The kids were so excited to surprise her. :)
I imagine this will be one of her more memorable birthdays.  It is not every birthday you are in another country seeing one of the natural wonders of the world!
We rode the Horn Blower, which is the Canadian side Maid of the Mist boat ride into the falls!

It was incredible and a little wet!
For dinner we went to Margarittaville and were lucky enough to have the balloon lady eager to embarrass Hailey.
She spent a long time making a fabulously embarrassing balloon hat for our 14 year old!
 I couldn't exactly pack a cake, so I had planned to hit the Dairy Queen near our hotel and get and ice cream cake.  Well, it didn't carry any cakes.  :(  We found a chocolate muffin in the convenience store and put candles on it and sang to her in the Queen Victoria Park next to the roaring falls.  I may have lit the entire matchbook on fire making for an exciting lighting.
 But she still got to make her birthday wish, even if people passing by thought we were insane and might need to call the fire department.
The muffin tasted SO yummy.  Max didn't believe her that it tasted that bad, so of course he had to try it.
Affirmative, it was that bad!
 I told her I had arranged a special surprise.  When I was planning our trip, I learned they have fireworks over the falls on Friday and Sunday nights.  A lot of the trip centered around being there on her birthday for the fireworks.  Our room had a lovely view and we had a  good joke about how they were all for her!
When we returned home, Hailey's second family wanted to celebrate her birthday too.  Mrs. Rose is like a angel and Hailey has grown very close to her as a friend and mother figure.  They are two peas in a pod separated by a few decades.  Their love for horses and art courses through both of them with great passion.
They had a lovely party for Hailey and the horses!  Hailey made some horse cakes and Mrs. Rose made a chocolate cake with candles for all three of them.  Hailey is truly a blessed girl.
 As the week drew on we finally got to have her menu of creamed eggs for breakfast, sushi for lunch and crab legs with artichokes for dinner.
On Sunday she had her celebration with her girlfriends.  We took them to Inside Out and then pizza.  What a cute movie and a fun time!!  Great Grandpa even made it out for the celebration!
It is clear that you are a blessed girl with many people who love you dearly.  While I ache for the days when you were my little peanut and I could hold you in my arms, I am blown away by the amazing, talented, articulate, independent, and beautiful woman you have become.  I know you are going to kill it in high school!  Love you Jo Jo.

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