Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Max!  Our kids are blessed to have you as their dad.  You always put the family first and try to make each one of us happy.  Your love is evident in the small things you do like make breakfast for everyone and in the grand things you do like take us to Niagara Falls!  I couldn't be more grateful for you to be an example for Hank as the kind of man he should strive to be and for the girls to search long and hard for a husband to walk in your shoes.  Love you Babe.
Happy Father's Day Snork!  Every Father's Day I am grateful you decided to be my Dad.  You loved me, nurtured me, challenged me, and supported me... and still do.  I love you very much and miss you.  I wish we were spending this day together.  Know I am celebrating you today even though we are 1000 miles apart. XOXO

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