Just Beachin

The day after school got out we got out of town! 
 On our states trip last year we stayed in Destin, FL and fell in love.  When we were planning our vacations for the year, this was the one place everyone wanted to go to.

We rented a beach house for the week.  Having direct access to the beach was wonderful!
Needless to say, we found our beach and maybe a sunburn or two.

Packing for this trip has to be my favorite.  The outfits were bathing suits!
We were black and yellow one day for our Batman lover.
It was fun to have new suits and they will surely get used back at home.
We celebrated Memorial Day and are so grateful for all those that paid the ultimate price to secure our freedom and way of life.
This is one of my all time favorite vacations. 
 Often when MKHKKH vacations we are on a mission and relaxing isn't part of the equation.  However, this vacation was a week of doing nothing but relaxing and playing together.

The kids loved boogie boarding and body surfing.  Karlie was the queen of the sea and spent hours riding waves.
We had a few days of stormy weather which turned up the waves.  They were much stronger than last year.  The kids would take a beating and get right back out there.  Hank started fighting the waves literally!  He would punch them and karate kick them as they came to roll him over.
We brought hair color and one day everyone had wild hair!
Hailey charmed many little girls in her mermaid tail.  As she was swimming in the waves I heard two little girls trying to decide if she was real.  They finally decided she wasn't because she didn't have red hair like Ariel.  :)
One afternoon we watched a big storm roll in.  But it didn't rain on our parade.  We were all mesmerized by the storm and played games while listening to the rain beat on the windows.
One night we went out for dinner and the margaritas were as big as Hank's head!  Good thing Max was driving.
The best part of this vacation was getting to be all together without any outside distractions.
No sports, no homework, no music lessons, no play dates or anything else but fun with each other.
Everyday Max led a sandcastle building party. 
Each day they got more and more elaborate.
By the last day each kid had their own compound to build.
It was a week that was as beautiful to me as the beach itself is. 
 I can't wait to return.

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