I have a bit of a hard time doing nothing.  I start to get antsy even during a movie.  As I was planning our trip to Florida the thought of doing nothing for 6 days was making me antsy.  I figured after 2 days of it we would be bored.  Back in the safety of my desert dwelling, I came up with the crazy idea that it would be fun to break up the boring time of doing nothing with a little adventure... Parasailing.
This sounded perfectly safe and reasonable as I sat at my computer and read rave reviews about the best outfits in Destin to parasail with.  Hailey loves to fly and at the time I thought it would be a once in a lifetime thing to do as a family.
 I convinced myself not to look up the statistics on injuries or deaths.  I was sure it was like flying (which I happen to hate) and is safer than driving your car to the store.
The night before our date with parasailing Max started acting all squirrelly and asking if we had a already paid, if we could cancel and if I was sure we really wanted to do this.  So I asked him if he was afraid and didn't want to do it.  He is mildly afraid of heights, I pondered.  Then he asked me if I had looked at the deaths related to parasailing.  My stomach dropped and that warm liquid feeling of adrenaline began to rush toward my face.
 I read each of the eight horrifying accidents that took place in 2013, which lead to a new law for parasailing operators to have certain amounts of liability insurance, weather monitoring equipment and to cease operations under various wind conditions.   That did nothing to ease my mind that often it was equipment failure like a snapped line or or harness failure that caused tragic consequences.
The kids however were blissfully ignorant of these statistics and were fearless.  Karlie has a fear of heights and while she was extremely brave and decided to try it, it is not something she cares to ever do again.  I think I was more afraid watching Max, Karlie and Hank fly 600 feet in the air than when I was in the air with Hailey and Kaitlin.  I just kept counting down the minutes until the ride was over.
 As we took off I tired to be brave for the kids' sake but inside I was thinking what an idiot I was for planning this whole thing.  It was very peaceful and gentle flying over the ocean, but I couldn't shake the horrible stories I had read about and with every noise I imagined the line snapping and us plunging to our death.  While I was so happy to be back on the boat, Hailey and Kaitlin could have flown all afternoon.  Hank also loved it!  Max is in the boat with Karlie and me and has no desire to ever parasail again. 
 I guess we can check that off our bucket list!  I am so grateful we didn't kick the bucket crossing it off.  I think I will be less adventuresome on my computer at home from now on.


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