Surfs Up Or Not

Along with parasailing, I figured it would be fun to take surfing lessons at the beginning of our trip so we could surf all week if we liked it.  I enrolled all of us in a Billabong morning surf camp.  I had gone surfing a few times in high school and time had a way of me remembering easily surfing in the waves as long as  the board was big.
I had visions of us all tearing it up.  Hmm, more like the boards and waves tore us up!
The waves were so strong starting at the beginning of the week that the surf camp was canceled and kept getting pushed back.  Each day the instructor would tell me the waves were too strong for beginners and kids.  By our last day the waves finally went down enough that he thought we could try it.  Rather than do the entire camp, we decided to rent two boards for the morning.  Because in my memory it was so easy and these waves were so small compared to those giant waves I rode in my memory that we wouldn't need instruction.  How hard could it be?
Max and I went out first and found it to be much more difficult than the surf instructor made it look!  My timing was always off and I never managed to make it up for more than a second.  However, Max managed to catch a few!  The waves don't break until the shallow beach, instead they just roll.  I kept waiting for the break point but never could catch it.  They waves just kept rolling by.  When I did catch it, I ended up with a face full of sand.
After we had been beat down and I had been very humbled, we drug ourselves back to the beach.  Hailey decided to give it a go with a similar optimism that Max and I had started with.  She came back looking like a drown rat and told us she had fallen off and somehow the cord had wrapped around her neck and nearly choked her under the water!  With that, she decided lounging in the beach chair was a better option.
 Once Max and I recovered we decided to take the kids out.  I had Kaitlin and he had Hank.  We would hold the board while they stood up and then try to send them with the waves.  One time I sent Kaitlin along and she fell off ahead of the board so the waves crashed the board into her head.  After that she didn't want to surf with Mommy anymore.
She had a much better experience with Daddy!
 As it turned out Max was tall enough to manage the waves much better than I could, so he ended up having to do all the kids!
 He was exhausted afterward.  
We decided the surfboards were better for suntanning than surfing.

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