Thats a Wrap!

May 22nd was the kids' last day of school and I am still trying to catch up!  The week before school got out was full of parties, awards, dances and celebrations. 
Kaitlin's teacher set individualized reading goals for each child.  Kaitlin was one of only 8 in her class to complete each trimester's reading goal.  They were also allowed to set a 4th higher goal if they wanted.  Kaitlin also completed the bonus reading goal!  She was awarded 2 trophies for all her hard work!  We are so proud of her diligence and determination.
 I helped run the water day for her class and worked the slip-N-slide station.  Kids just love water. :)
 Hailey got to go to a waterpark for her class celebration.  Kids still love water, it just gets super sized.  They also had the big 8th grade dance!  WHAT?!?!?  She and her best friend were beautiful.  We can't get over how grown up our first baby is getting.
 The girls had a great time and I am sure they broke more than a few hearts that night.
 I was able to help out at Hank's water day too.  The musical bucket of water station was fun.  They couldn't wait for it to stop on them so they could pour the bucket on their head.  The boys of course wanted to help dump it on each other and then began jumping and sliding in the mud.  Boys will be boys!
 Of course Karlie had a week full of celebrating with the big one being their dance.  I can report YMCA is still a crowd pleaser.
The kids always like to compare the first and last day of school.

Hailey still rocking the dress and converse look.
Karlie wanted to wear the same outfit.  Its a little small for her, she outgrew her shoes, and she got glasses.
Kaitlin outgrew her first day of school outfit completely.
Hank still loves Batman and Under Armour.
That's a wrap!!!  Sweet Summertime here we come!

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