Top of the Class

Karlie had her 5th grade promotion last week.  Along with each of the kids getting promoted to middle school, they have an awards ceremony.  I didn't think Karlie would be getting any awards except for her reading.
 I was very surprised that Karlie was honored for her involvement and academic achievements numerous times!   With her first award for Math Olympiad, I excitedly jumped up and went to the center row they had reserved for taking pictures.  I didn't even know that Karlie had participated in Math Olympiad, much less scored in the top 10 percent of the nation.
Next she was recognized for her role as Co-Captain of the Robotics Team that won the regional competition and went to state.
Karlie won 1st place in her category of Plant Sciences and 3rd in the 5th grade class overall for her science experiment about the best environmental conditions to keep bananas fresh the longest.  This also earned her a place at the state science fair, but it was too difficult to enter her project.
Then Karlie was awarded for reading the 3rd most words in the school, with over 4 million words!  Next she was honored for her role on the school's morning news, where she helped deliver the school announcements every morning.  Karlie loved media club and is very confident speaker.  We might have a news anchor on our hands.  :)
By the time they were handing at awards for student council, I was starting to feel self conscious going to the center isle to take pictures.  So I waited to move up to capture Karlie and her classmates deliver the good bye speech to their teacher.  The girls wrote a really nice speech and delivered it well.  I know it meant a lot to Mrs. Q and made me proud to see Karlie have the courage to speak in front of hundreds of people. 
 Following the graduation was the 5th grade dance party.  We put on a Hawaiian theme for the kids.  They loved the green screen and getting to dance around and goof off with their friends and teachers.
Karlie is our tough chick, but she is really sad to be leaving the elementary school nest.  She grew very close to Mrs. Q.  For some reason these two just clicked.  It might be their love of reading.  Mrs. Q. tried to push her entire class to read 1 Million words.  Being the big 5th grader kings and queens of the school with all the teachers knowing you and so many good times, many of the kids were sad to be leaving.  I know the same tenacity that earned Karlie so many awards and accolades will carry her on to new adventures and achievements in middle school.  Can't wait to watch you soar Sparkle, even though I too wish I could keep you in elementary school.

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