If I could replan our New England tour I would have dedicated a day to Maine.  I wish we had a day to spend driving up the coastline.  Maine was my favorite state.
Just across the border is Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier.  I knew we had to eat a whole lobster while visiting Maine and had read rave reviews about this special place.
It sits along Chauncey Creek that feeds into the bay.  They serve up lobsters and you bring the rest!  They allow you to bring in any food and beverages to compliment your meal.  Max had some state beers to work through, I had a bottle of wine that needed finishing, and we had a plenty of drinks for the kids.  What a lovely idea to offer a picnic style restaurant.
 Hank worked on yet another hot dog while the girls tried the crab cakes.  Inside the lobster house you could pick your lobster.  The waiter thought the 2 and half pounders would be a good size for us to share with the kids.
 Neither of us had ever had whole boiled lobster.  This was one of my top 3 favorite dining experiences ever.
Sitting along the the picturesque creek in the warm sunshine cracking into fresh lobster was a sensory delight.  There is something very satisfying about cracking the shell and pulling out tender, sweet meat.
Karlie was also a big fan of the lobster fest! 
Ninety percent of the nation's lobster supply is caught off the coast of Maine.
 Moxie is the State Soft Drink.  The term moxie comes from the soft drink that was developed in 1876.  It was originally marketed as a nerve medicine but has transformed into a bitter soda.  You need a lot of moxie to like it!  We happen to have a teenager with a little Moxie in her. :)
 The Whoopie Pie is the official State Treat.  One thing I love about New England is all the vegan shops.  We were able to stop at a Co-Op and find a vegan Whoopie Pie for Hank to enjoy since he didn't get a chance to enjoy the State Dessert of Blueberry Pie.
 Our next stop was to see one of Maine's most famous lighthouses.  We listened to Tim McGraw's Portland Maine tune as we drove up the beautiful coastline.  It is such a beautiful landscape.
The Nubble Lighthouse in Cape Neddick was built in 1879.  It is one of the most photographed lighthouse in America and the image of it was sent in the NASA Voyager II in 1977.
We loved playing on the rocks, looking in the tide pools, feeling the spray of the ocean, and resting on the rocks.  I was in a lobster coma.
We didn't want to leave.  There are some places you just have to come back to and Maine is one of them.  The crisp and contrasting beauty is unlike anywhere I have been.
Until next time Maine.

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