Massachusetts Day 1

Everything back East is a little more cramped.  We had a hard time finding safe spots to pull over and snap our state line pictures.  Unfortunately many of them are from the car as we rolled by.
Our first destination in Massachusetts was Cape Cod.  We found a nice little beach in Hyannis, which is called the "Capital of the Cape".
By this time we were starving!  Luckily we were headed to get a lobster roll, fries, crab cakes and a hot dog for Hank.  Of all the states Massachusetts has the most state foods.  We had many foods to check off our list!  Hyannis is also where Cape Cod Brewery happens to be.  Our lunch in the cold, rain had to be one of the tastiest ever!  Sometimes all the stars align.  It was even National Lobster Day!  I might have a planning disorder...
For a brief moment it stopped raining and was just a soft drizzle.  What do crazy Arizonans do?  We get out of the car and make idiots of ourselves on the beach.  We did need to touch the water!
Max and the kids had a race down the beach.
 Luckily there were no other morons at the beach since these were the only lifeguards available.
Here is my photo shoot in my sailing outfit on the Cape.  So silly.  The rain returned and it was time to pack up and move on to our next destination.  
You can't visit Massachusetts and not see the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock.  We were surprised how small the Mayflower was.  It was hard to imagine 132 people living on the ship for over 4 months with livestock on board as well.  The girls had studied early American history in the last semester which made it fun to talk about all they learned and being able to see the real physical locations of the history they had read about.
The cold rain wasn't ideal for sight seeing so we headed to Cambridge to see if the weather was better there.  I wanted the kids to see the oldest University in America.  Harvard was founded in 1636.

The rain was a little lighter which allowed us to walk around Harvard's campus.  The buildings were gorgeous and it had the feeling of Hogwarts from Harry Potter.  College campuses are alive with such a unique energy.  The hope, excitement and promise of the future is almost palpable.  We went into the library and looked at a gallery that had books on display that were written in the 1400s.  To think of all the history that has happened in those halls compared to Arizona that is only 100 years old.  While Harvard was beautiful, Notre Dame still maintains its hold on Karlie's heart.  Glad we can cross Harvard off the list. ;)
We found a cozy cafe to warm up in and eat our chips from Cape Cod.  Cape Cod chips are produced in Hyannis too!
The corn muffin is the state muffin of Massachusetts.  I knew we would be hard pressed to find an eggless muffin, so Karlie baked up a batch at home and we brought it all the way to Cambridge to snack on.  They were mostly intact.  :)
I had one last surprise up my sleeve.  These trips are hard for Hank because of his allergies.  He ended up eating 5 hot dogs because it is the safest thing on the menu.  I was determined that he would get to eat the state dessert, Boston Cream Pie.  Before we left on our trip I found a vegan bakery in Boston and ordered an entire Boston Cream Pie for us to pick up on our way to the hotel.  
His reaction was priceless when he saw the pie and assumed he wouldn't be able to have it and then we told the him he could and that this was dinner!  Such a sweet end to a day that started off with disappointing rain out.   I didn't even notice the Boston Cream Pie crumbs in my bed.

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