New Hampshire

One thing we have learned during our States Trips is that we are not big city folks.  We start to feel a little claustrophobic.  Maybe growing up in the west with so much space and open skyline has contributed to this.  We were all excited to get to New Hampshire's beach.
New Hampshire has only 18 miles of coastline yet Hampton Beach is one of the best and most famous in New England.  Every June they have a sand sculpting contest that brings artist from around the globe to compete.  We happened to be visiting during the week they were sculpting.
We thought we had built some pretty cool sand castles in Destin, but watching these professionals was amazing.  We picked up a few tips for next time. :)
 Weather might have played a role, but we definitely liked Hampton Beach the best.  We have become such lizards living in the desert that we had to laugh at ourselves on the beach.  The water was FREEZING!  I am sure people were perplexed as they saw us bundled up in our sweatshirts while they were playing in the water and sunbathing.  The kids couldn't even keep their feet in the water.  
It was great to walk along the soft sand and smell the salty air.
 We are beach people for sure. :)
Later in the day after a jaunt through Maine we visited Concord, the capital of New Hampshire.
This was the second capital that appeared deserted.  We had the entire grounds to ourselves.  Concord has a small town feel with a cute, quiet main street.
 They might need some help with their spelling.  Phenix Hall made us giggle and miss home a bit.
 Unlike Massachusetts that had endless state foods, New Hampshire only has the pumpkin as its state fruit and the potato as its state vegetable.  The first potato in the U.S. was planted in New Hampshire in 1719.  We learned New Hampshire was also the first of the 13 colonies to declare it's independence from England.
Stonyfield yogurt is made in Stonyfield, New Hampshire so we had to eat some while we were there.
 Max found 18 Mile Rye Pale Ale that is brewed in New Hampshire.  It refers to New Hampshire's shortest 18 miles of coast.  On their site, they say it is rumored that Blackbeard's treasure is buried along the coast of New Hampshire.  We didn't come across his treasure but the day spent in New Hampshire and Maine will be treasured in my heart for years to come.

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