New York

We spent the day driving across upstate New York with Niagara Falls as our destination!
We have a few Taylor Swift fans and she did not let us down as we belted out Welcome To New York over and over!
I had a few apples in my snack bag to be sure to enjoy the State Fruit on the go.
Our first stop was the capital building in Albany.
I am beginning to wonder if our elected representatives ever work?  It was shockingly quiet for the capital of New York!  We were also surprised at the architecture of the building.  We have come to expect the typical dome with a gold top.  This looked like something found in Europe. It was absolutely beautiful.
I had read about the Million Dollar Staircase.  It took 14 years to complete and cost more than one million dollars back in 1883!
We could get lost in the staircase as it has multiple entries and directions.
There are 77 faces of prominent American figures and numerous other unknown faces.  Apparently the sculptors were allowed to carve the faces family and friends in the remaining spaces once the 77 faces were completed.  They are all carved out of stone walls and over 500 artist were employed.
It was very impressive.  We had worked up an appetite climbing around all those stairs so we headed to get some New York style pizza.  The people watching was as good as the food.  The way people speak and gesture in New York is dramatically different than in Arizona.  The food and people watching kept the kids silent! :)
Time to hit the road!

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