Rhode Island

 I spend an embarrassing amount of time planning these trips.  I have print outs that I create about each state.  They have a state map, state facts like population, capital, rivers and lakes, major industries, state landmarks, animals, birds and flowers.  They also include things the state is known for like Rhode Island is called the "Sailing Capital of the World."
One of our highlights of this trip was to go sailing in Newport.  However, as hard as I try, I can not plan the weather.  I did my best to will the rain away, but to no avail.  It was a complete downpour.  There was so much rain the sailing was canceled for the entire day.
 In the original plan we were going to do a morning sail and then eat the State Appetizer of Calamari.  However at 9 in the morning, which our bodies still thought was 6 in the morning, calamari didn't sound very appetizing.  We went to the White Horse Tavern that was built in 1673.  It is the oldest operating tavern in the U.S. and considered Rhode Island's best restaurant.  It was not open for breakfast.
 Luckily my little state facts sheet told me that the Tennis Hall of Fame was also in Newport.  I was so planned for the trip that I packed ponchos.  I thought the rainbow assortment would be good because everybody would know their color and be responsible for it.  We ended up looking like we were part of gay pride parade.
 Never a dull moment!
 The kids' tennis coach had exclaimed with glee that we must visit the Tennis Hall of Fame when he heard about our trip.  I was thinking to myself how much more fun sailing would be as we wondered around the tennis courts in the rain.
We did manage to stop at the store and pick up the State Beverage, Coffee Milk.  Imagine coffee flavored chocolate syrup.  Interesting is about all I have to say about Coffee Milk.
The Newport Storm was much tastier and summed up our day.
I suppose the smallest state in the nation should just get a morning.  Maybe we will be back one day to get that sailing trip in. Rhode Island did win one thing overall.  We also create a soundtrack for the drive and try to find songs about each state.  Not a lot to choose from when looking for a song about Rhode Island, but this little song was the kids' favorite to sing along with. :)

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