The City By Day and Night

Our next adventure with Pops and Nana was a day in San Francisco!
Max took this picture on his morning run.  We took a more leisurely approach and rode the ferry over for lunch.  One of the kids' favorite part was getting blown away and sprayed by the sea water.
The first mission was to find clam chowder Hank could eat.  Food allergies make eating out so stressful.  Half the time people liken it to a food preference and do not understand the seriousness of it.  Half the time they tell you is OK when they really don't know or they don't want to bother to look so they tell you not to eat it.  There are so many times Hank doesn't get to eat what he would like and ends up with a bunless hamburger or hot dog.  Not to mention he never gets dessert at any restaurant.
Tensions began to rise as every one's hunger grew and the restaurant told us the Boudin bread bowl did have eggs, while Boudin's website had no allergen information, and the Boudin bakery across the street nonchalantly said no it didn't.  Hank began to hang his head as we got more frustrated and it looked like he was once again going to have to skip the meal everyone else was having.  My mama bear claws come out.  I never want him to feel like it is his fault.  So I decided since last time we were in the city I was nearly certain he had a Boudin bread bowl, that we would risk it.  Luckily he got to chow down on his chowder and did not have any allergic reactions.
After our tummies were full we headed to the Exploratorium!
What a fun museum for all ages.
It is a great hands on museum that allows you to explore science and the way our senses perceive the world around us.
We will have to return to do all the things we didn't have time for.
Nana and Pops took the kids back across the bay while Max and I got all dressed up for a gala.  I don't get out of my mom clothes very often, so it was fun to play dress up and spend the evening with Max's peer group.  I even managed to follow the presentation somewhat.  The biggest surprise was how delicious the food was.  Typically hotel mass produced dinners are rubbery chicken and cold green beans.  However, it was one of the best steaks I have ever had and Max was equally surprised by the swordfish.  We were at a lively table that was entertaining to say the least.  I had a really fun night being a part of Max's world.
I could never live in the city, but she sure is fun to visit!

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