Woods, Water, Wild Kids and Wonderful Food

 My sister Chrysti and her family drove down to see us on Friday from Redding.  We all went to Muir Woods.  It is such a beautiful place.
 However, get cousins together and they just want to play and not look at big trees.  It started with Hank and Titus trying to climb a tree in the entrance and falling into what looked like poison oak.  Good start!  Then I remembered I left the Epi-pen back at the Villa.  Titus began doing Big Foot calls and then attempted to kick a squirrel he was sure had rabies!  The people enjoying the quiet and sweet squirrel were horrified.
Not exactly the party for a magical walk through the woods.  :)  So we headed back to the Villa for some water time and food!
It was great to see the them but too short.  We will have to extend our visit to a trip up north next time!
On Saturday we spent the day playing off the dock.  Just add water and mud for happy kids.
 Hank and Karlie love to help Pops weed the levee!
 I just love this girl.  Who needs a day spa for a mud wrap?
 They would sink down to their waist in the mud and giggle with delight.
 Happy boy.
Max's cousin Alex and his family came to visit too.  We celebrated Anna's graduation and being together as a family. 
 It was a wonderful end to a wonderful trip.

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