1989 World Tour

 On Monday we went to Taylor Swifts' 1989 concert!!
 We went 4 years ago after we had just first moved here.  Hank was only three so he stayed home with a babysitter.  This year he got to go!  It was his first concert and the only concert we have all been to together!
Taylor swift has changed quite a bit in those 4 years from Country Queen to Pop Diva!  I can't believe how much my babies have changed too!
Once again we were blown away by her performance.  She is quite the star and deserves all of her successes.   As a mom of three girls I am so happy to have a her as a role model.  She is well spoken, grateful, generous, and dresses more modestly than most.  Her outfits were fabulous without being too risqué.
 I thought Hank would be able to make it but Taylor didn't even come on until almost 9.  Way past little buddies bedtime.  He managed to stay awake for the first 2 songs but was out like a light for the rest of the show.  We tried as hard as we could to wake him for the grand finale but nothing would wake him.
 Taylor had this raised platform that spun around so she could get close to everyone.  She was so close to us!  She really appreciates her fans and tries connect and get close to them as possible.
It was a fantastic show and the girls loved it!  
I only wish it were not on a school night and started earlier.  If we happen to go again in 4 years, Hailey will be in college, Karlie in high school, Kaitlin and Hank in middle school.  I guess it won't matter much then. :(  I can't wait to see what Taylor does in the next 4 years.

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