Back To School

It was a bit of a shocking morning getting back into the routine of packing lunches.  I much prefer sipping my coffee in bed and planning up fun things to do with the kids.
 This year we have kids in all three school levels!  Getting the timing down right would make Mussolini green with envy.  It will be quite the juggling act to get everyone dropped off and picked up on time. 
Hank is in 2nd grade and Kaitlin is now the big girl from our family on campus as a 4th grader.  I know Hank is in good hands!
 Kaitlin had Mrs. M and we are thrilled to have Hank in her class this year.  Mrs. G is a new teacher for us but I have no doubt Kaitlin will win her over as she always does.  This was the first year Kaitlin did not beak down in sobs as I left.  She sure is growing up.
 Speaking of growing up!  Karlie is now a big 6th grader at the middle school.  She was very excited and cool as a cat until the drop off point when she didn't want to get out of the car.  It was like she froze.  I encouragingly kept telling her, "Okay you have to get out now."  Finally someone honked behind us and she went through the motions of getting out on her way.  I would of loved to park and hug her and walk her to the door, but there might not be enough therapy available to repair her psyche if I had done that.  So, I just bit my lip and watched her walk away.  She had a great day, has mastered her locker combo, and wasn't late for a single class.  Karlie's in charge for sure.
Now for the really sappy part.  Today, August 10th, marks the day Max asked me to homecoming and to be his girl.  We were 14.  Today we sent our baby girl off to HIGH SCHOOL!  How can she be the same age as when we met.  Time flies so fast! :(
 Our friends that own a restaurant hosted a boo-hoo breakfast for a big group of girls and moms.  The freshman had a late start, so it was nice to spend a few extra hours together.  Hailey is such a beautiful soul and young woman.  We are so excited for the beginning of some of the funnest years of her life.  But selfishly I am sad she is getting ever closer to leaving the nest.  I sure love my babies.
This is the first year that I am the only one that cried on the first day of school.  I have so much fun with them in the summer.  It is like getting to have a constant play date, but your the boss!  I will miss our adventures, lazy days by the pool, staying in our PJ's all day, and playing games.  But mostly I will miss their giggles and presence.  The house was so quiet today.  There is only one thing to do when feeling blue.  Bake cookies of course!
I am not exactly sure what happened.  The recipe makes nearly 2 dozen cookies and I ended up with 15.  I guess cookie dough is therapy for the stomach and soul.  At least there were some left when they got home from school.  Only 179 school days left. :)

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