Buy Me A Boat

In between our trips we were lucky enough to get to go out on our good friend's boat.  Max and I spent our anniversary on an adults day out on the lake.  We had so much fun surfing and floating.
Chris Janson's song "Buy Me a Boat"  is our theme song of the summer!
There is only one thing better than owning a boat, its having good friends that take you out on their boat! :)  All the fun and none of the responsibility.
We went out with them for a family day too and Hailey got really good at surfing!
The kids had so much fun tubing and hanging out with their buddies.  Max and I had so much fun living the boat life for a day!
Hailey took this slow motion video of me surfing.  Now this is how I remember surfing to be. :)
But this was 10 times better because the water was like bathwater, your favorite country mix is blaring off the back of the boat, and an ice cold beer in a cold can koozie is waiting for you. :)  #buymeaboat 

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