Celebrating 30 Years of Love

At the end of July my parents came out and we had a chance to celebrate their 30 years of love and marriage!
The 30th Anniversary is the year of the pearl, so we had a pearl themed celebration.
We had cupcakes with little pearls and pearl gumballs for the kids!
I ordered oysters with cultured pearls in them for the kids to dig out.
I ordered 10 to represent each one of their grandchildren.
Great Grandpa showed us how to dig out the pearl.  :)
While it was a pretty affair, it was also pretty stinky!
We found some pearl cages to make a necklace for Grammy.  Gramps got Janice Joplin's Pearl CD and we framed the most recent family picture we have of the whole gang in a Mother-of-Pearl frame.
On their last night in town my Uncle Larry and Aunt Ann also came over for dinner.  It was so nice to have a house full of family.
With cousins all you need to do is add water for a fun filled day.
 Kaitlin loved having two little girls to play mommy to and Rayah loved hanging out with Karlie.
Hank pretty much thinks RJ walks on water.  He is was a mini RJ the entire visit.
 Gramps trying to keep cool.  :)
 When the little kids get to do your make up it is a scary thing!!  There were many Caitlyn Jenner jokes. :)  But Gramps is a good sport for letting them practice on him.
 Hailey and Mrs. Rose stopped by on the horses one evening.  I heard a knock at the door and there was a giant horse head in the door!
 It is so amazing Hailey has the opportunity to play with horses whenever she wants.  It is just like a dream come true.
 One day we rented a pontoon boat to go tubing and floating on Saguaro Lake!
 We warned everyone about how burnt you can get with the reflection of the water.  RJ took sunscreening into his own hands!  He did not get burnt!
Max found a spot to take the daredevil kids cliff jumping.  That is all I am going to say about that.
 The water is so warm this time of year, it is almost like bath water.
 Buy Me a Boat!
 All the kids and Grammy tubed!!  Each of the kids took a turn driving the boat too.
 It is funny that Kerrie and I look more alike each year.  We laughed at our not planned black suit and state hats!
Our final outing was bowling.  Quite the Motley crew.  It was really special to be able to celebrate my parent's anniversary and see the fruits of all their effort and love that has flowed all the way down to their grandchildren.  I hope we get to celebrate 30 more!

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