Niagara Falls American Side

The next day we explored the American side of Niagara Falls.
We were all excited to do Cave of the Winds and get up close to the waterfalls!
It is hard to describe the force of water pounding down.
The kids LOVED it and kept going back for more!
They were completely soaked and didn't care a bit!
It was super fun to experience the falls so closely.
 Luckily it was a warm day so we dried off as we walked around the top view.
 You can get so close.
 We then walked over to Three Sisters Islands.
The Three Sisters Islands were named after a man who took his three daughters on a walk out to the farthest island when the ice had created natural bridges between the islands.  Mr. Whitney was so proud of his adventures with his girls that he convinced the owner to name them after his daughters.  The Islands are named Asenath, Angeline, and Celinda.  There is a little island at the end that was named "Little Brother" after the girls' little brother Solon.  
 We had fun renaming them Hailey, Karlie, Kaitlin and Little Brother Hank Islands.  :)
 What a spectacular place.
We would be flying out of Buffalo New York the next day so we departed from Niagara Falls in search of some Buffalo Wings for dinner.  We wound up at Duff's Famous Wings.  Our friend from Buffalo said they were the wings to eat.  They are not kidding when they say medium is hot!  They were delicious and a good way to end our States Trip tasting.

We had a 7am flight which meant we got up at 2 am Arizona time.  It was also daylight savings day which really made it the longest day ever!  We had 19 hours of daylight and couldn't wait to go to bed.  We certainly know how to pack a lot into one vacation.

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