Niagara Falls Canadian Side

America is full of so many natural wonders, I wanted to be sure we saw Niagara Falls.  However, reading about it I learned that the Canadian side has the better view point.
Hailey and Karlie went to Mexico eleven years ago when Hailey was two and Karlie just eleven weeks old.  This was the first time they all went to out of the country, if you count just over the border to Canada out of the country!
We had a pretty spectacular view from our room!
Our first day started out cloudy and cool.
We definitely got a respite from the desert heat and really enjoyed wearing pants and sweatshirts in the summer.
Maid of the Mist is the classic American side boat ride into the falls that has been in operation since 1846.  In 2013 they lost their contract on the Canadian side to the Horn Blower.  Maid of the Mist ponchos are blue and the Horn Blower's are red.  Since we were staying on the Canadian side we hopped aboard the Horn Blower.
We were ready to get wet!
It was a great experience being so close to the powerful falls.  The pictures don't do it justice.  It is SO much water!  About a million bathtubs full of water spill over the falls every second!  Hank said, "We need to send that water to California." :)
We saw pictures of the falls over the years and I was surprised to see how much larger and eroded the falls base had become.  It is currently eroding at 1 foot per year, which is less than in the past.  The kids loved reading about all the people that have tried to go over the falls with some making it and others not.  The most impressive was a seven year old boy who had been in a boat accident upstream and he went over in just a life jacket and survived with a minor head wound.  The Maid of the Mist plucked him out of the water!

Max's buddy lives in Canada and when he went to visit, his friend wanted to send back souvenirs for all of us.  We got to show our Canadian spirit!

We walked along the path enjoying the gorgeous falls.  In the afternoon the sun came out and delivered a beautiful rainbow.  It was Hailey's birthday, so I like to think it was a present for our girl.
It was a great day but we still had some celebrating to do!
We had a wild dinner at Margaritaville.  The Canadian side of the falls is a little like Reno.  It has this somewhat out of place strip of hotels, casinos and strange attractions with lots of bright lights.
 When in Rome...  So we all sported the balloon hats.  Hank got pirate swords.  It was a fun night celebrating Hailey's birthday.
Max found Niagara Brewing Company's Beerdevile IPA.
 The grand finale was the fireworks show.  Much of the trip had been organized around getting to see the fireworks over the falls.  With the sun not setting until late, the show didn't start until 10!  After a long day of walking and sightseeing little Kaitlin was bushed.  She tried so hard to stay awake but decided she was just going to rest a minute and then after the show we looked over and she was out.  She had missed the whole thing!
It was time for all of us to hit the hay because we had another busy day ahead of us.

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