Our final vacation of the summer was to Telluride!  Max's parents flew out to join us!  Three cheers for a week of mountain fun!
 It wasn't until we moved to Arizona that we ever visited Telluride.  It is only 500 miles and an 8 hour drive from us.
Colorado has many beautiful mountain towns, however we feel like Telluride is the crown jewel.
 With it only being a day a way we can bring all our toys!  Monty and Jeanette drove the truck full of 8 bikes and gear.  We might be a little like the Beverly Hillbillies.  :)
Telluride has a free Gondola that you can ride down to the town and up to the top of the mountain.  We had to go for a ride first thing when we got there.
It looked a little like the circus had arrived as all of us loaded our bikes on and off the Gondola for a ride along the river.
The beauty of the bike paths are unlike any I have done.  Colorful Colorado indeed.
 Max and Monty went riding every morning before the rest of us loaded up.  One day they rode 4 times!
This year we had a chance to fish at Alta Lakes.  The beauty is breathtaking.
Hank snagged the first fish but he got away.  Then Kaitlin reeled one in.  Next Hailey brought one in.  Hank started to get pretty upset at this point, so I took him for a walk in the woods and told him to imagine really hard pulling in a big fish.  We did that for a little bit and then went and tried again.  Sure enough he got one!
  It had been most of the day and big rain clouds were threatening in the distance.  Karlie was getting discouraged but she was determined to catch one.  She ended up with the final catch of the day and we called him Moby Dick.  He was huge!!
Alta Lakes consists of 3 lakes in ascending elevations.  We decided to hike up to the third lake to see if the fishing was better.  It reminded us of Narnia.  This pristine landscape was disrupted by a red telephone booth sitting at the lake's edge.  We weren't sure if it was a time machine or gateway to other worlds. :)
The lake ended up being private property so our fishing was over for the day.  But we had enough for dinner!
I think the kids had more fun goofing around and cleaning the fish than catching them.  :)
Pops taught the three little ones how to clean the fish.  They were all for cutting the heads off, but gutting them was another story.  Hailey felt bad for the fish and had no interest in watching the preparation.
Karlie couldn't get enough.  I think she might be our doctor.  She wanted to identify the organs and loved playing with the fish heads. :)
Fishy Kiss.
Max found a Telluride brewed IPA to enjoy with the fish dinner.
 One day we took a drive to Bridal Veil Falls.  Max took Hailey, Karlie, and Hank to the base of the falls.   That little pink speck at the bottom left is Karlie's coat!
 The mist is at the car is enough to soak you so they were completely drenched.  Luckily everyone could get in the hot tub to warm up.
The next day we took Lost Dollar Road up to the top to do a little shooting.  Unfortunately the weather didn't agree with our plans and we got rained out.
We managed to fire off a few rounds before we frozen by the wind!  Hopefully next time we will have better luck.  You feel like you are on top of the world.
Our final day we took another family bike ride.  Two years ago we were riding along the same path when Kaitlin took a pretty bad fall.  She has been building up her confidence ever since.  With one successful ride under her belt we were looking forward to another great ride.  I always ride behind her to coach her.  We were riding along and out of no where a dog shot into Kaitlin's front tire T-boning her.  I watched helplessly as Kaitlin went flying off her bike!  
Telluride is over run by dog lovers that don't keep their dogs on a leash.  I was so bummed of all the people for the dog to crash into it was Kaitlin.  She is so tender and had just gotten her confidence up.  But she is a tough chick and after some love and kisses she was back on her bike ready to ride.
Three generations went 8 miles!  That is so cool!
Monty and Jeanette are in such great shape, its hard to keep up with those two.
Max dunked each of the kids for a refreshing cool down.  A lady standing near us said , "You've been baptized by Telluride!"

The views never disappoint.
We got all gussied up one night and headed into town for a little shopping and dinner.  This is the view on Main Street.
I think we are officially in love with Telluride.
Nothing like a warm welcome home.  We had a 55 degree change and at the rest stop all the signs pointed that we were back to reality.  Snakes, scorpions, brown all around and heat that feels like flames licking your feet.
Let the countdown to Telluride next summer begin.

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