Thats A Wrap!

In seven days we managed to visit 2 countries, 7 states and drove over 1000 miles.  We traveled by plane, train, boat and automobile!
 We learned much about America's birthplace and were able to experience many beautiful places along the way.  I have a new appreciation for the beauty of Northeast America.
 We feasted like kings and queens across New England and tried to not only see and experience the region but to also taste it.
Max may lead the nation in sampling the most microbrews across the country. :)
While getting to visit other states is an amazing blessing, one of my favorite parts is how close we are for a week.  Living in the same room for 7 days can be trying at times but most of the time it is a special bonding time for our family.  The kids play and interact in ways they don't with the distractions of friends and their rooms at home.  Max and I are more focused on them as well without chores and work nagging at us.  Something about going places none of us have been to and deciding and figuring out things along the way brings us closer.  I will remember the places we have seen fondly but cherish the memories of being MKHKKH on these trips.

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