God's Parenting Playbook

A couple weeks ago Max got a call from the Mission's Pastor at our church asking if we would be willing to be filmed for the intro for the upcoming series about parenting.  We were happy to help but warned him that acting was not our strong suit.  
Max and I had a few good laughs imagining how our family came up as the team started talking about the series.  We figured it went something like this: "What family always looks hectic and wild?"  Someone probably said, "Oh, who is that one family that is usually late with the teenager half asleep, the kids fighting over who gets to check in on the computer, and that rowdy little boy that is always running around?"  Then the youth pastor exclaims, "Oh yes!  The Smith's would be perfect!"  Well, we have no way of knowing of course, but this seemed like the likely scenario.  :)  Hollywood won't be calling anytime soon, but here is our acting debut with a whole lot of magic done by the very talented writer/directer/producer/editor/pastor, Michael Faye. 

Small But Mighty!

Volleyball tryouts at Karlie's middle school consist of a month long try out where they have practice 4 days a week.  They then have a volleyball tournament known as Super Saturday where the coaches make the cuts after watching the girls get a chance to play multiple games.  It is great because it allows all kids to participate in a sport for a month and to possibly try things they never have before.  
The Cougars have an 8th grade team, which is like the varsity team, and the 6th and 7th grade combined JV team.  Historically very few 6th graders have made the JV team.  There were over 40 girls trying out for the JV team.  We cautioned Karlie that without having her overhand serve it was unlikely she would make the team.  We should learn that when Karlie puts her mind to something, she will succeed.  Despite being the smallest player, a 6th grader, and not having her overhand serve, she made the team!  However, watching her play I can see why.  She has the best attitude and is a team player.  She plays her heart out and goes for every ball getting many digs.  She is the kind of kid you want on your team.
I am so proud of her and am a little embarrassed by how much I love watching her play!  I broke into a full blown sweat the first game because I was so into it.  Get it together man, its a JV middle school game.  Luckily I haven't crossed the line into the obnoxious mom screaming and ranting at refs.  But it might be in my future if the first few games are any indication of the passion I feel.  :)
They handed out jerseys and she came home beaming that she had gotten number 13, her Mama's number!  Lucky 13.  Although I am not sure this girl needs luck, she has got Sparkle!

They Say They Come In 3s...

 Kaitlin has had a week for the record books.  She had complained on and off of a head ache for a week, then she started to have a little bit of a sore throat so I decided to take her to the doctor.  Sure enough she had Strep.  I figured a day of antibiotics and she would be back at school.  However, she continued to feel worse and her fever kept going higher and higher.  Finally, on the second day she was running 103 through Ibuprofen and developed a cough.  I knew something was wrong and knew that two kids in her class were out with walking pneumonia.
By the time I talked with the doctor the next day she was having pain on her left side when she coughed.  The doctor decided she likely had mycoplasma which causes walking pneumonia and prescribed her an additional antibiotic.  Numerous children her class have been diagnosed with this and nearly half of fourth grade has been sick these last two weeks.  Hank's teacher's son was in the ICU and Kaitlin's best friend has been out the whole week with it.  Finally two days after the stronger antibiotic Kaitlin turned the corner and broke her fever!  She was so happy to go back to school on Monday.
I am coaching her volleyball team and during practice she came to me and said that she had gotten a bump on her back at school that her friends thought was a spider bite.  I looked under her shirt and instantly saw a blister like bump.  Later that night 4 more pox developed on her legs.  I took her back to the doctor and sure enough she had Chicken Pox!  Only 2% of children that have had the Chicken Pox vaccine will become infected with Chicken Pox.  What a lucky lottery to win!  Poor girl was out of school for two more days.  Thankfully the vaccine drastically reduced the course of the illness and the pox on her legs never blistered and she never had a fever.  She was just itchy!  I told her bad things happen in three's so she should be healthy for the rest of the year!


The last Sunday in August we had a girls day out.  We went out to lunch and then to see the performance of Wicked.  Max and I had been to it a few years ago and when it came back in town I knew the girls would love to see it!
When I was buying the tickets I was shopping in the "economy" section otherwise know as the balcony.  The front row seats were much cheaper than the rest of the balcony.  I couldn't imagine why that would be from the times we had been their before.  I excitedly snapped up the tickets feeling smug that I had gotten a deal.  I figured that "partially obstructed view" was referring to the angle at which you were sitting allowed you to see back behind the curtain a bit.  No big deal.

Well, that front row, nosebleed seat has a nice large guard rail that hits right at your line of sight!  We spent the first half of the show arching and leaning to see around the rail.  By intermission we all had sore backs.  However, there were 5 seats one row up directly behind us that no one sat in the entire first half.  After the intermission we coyly snuck up a row and enjoyed an unobstructed view for the rest of the show.  Lesson learned.  If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. :)

The girls were so sweet.  They repeatedly said how it was no problem and how much they liked the seats despite leaning and ducking to see the performance.  We really enjoyed the show and I loved having a special day with the ladies.  The girls were blown away with the talent and pageantry of a live performance.  It was a wickedly fun afternoon with my girls and I will be on the look out for another show that will be worth splurging on seats without a partially obstructed view.

Labor Day Laughs

A three day weekend is music to my ears.  We originally were planning on going camping for the weekend but with a forecast of rain and having a leaky tent, we decided to just do a day trip to the mountains.  That left two days for playing!
On Friday night we went to Top Golf with a group of friends.  It is a high tech driving range where the balls have chips to identify each player.  You get more points the more times you get the ball into one of the lit up circles and the further you hit.  I wore my best golf outfit.  I don't think I have been more embarrassed.  It was more like batting practice with repeated strike outs as I whiffed over and over.  Well, someone has to provide the comic relief in such a tense situation.  Those men can get pretty competitive.
 The girls decided to do a blind make-over of each other while we were out.  I am thinking they should stick to eyes open make-overs.
 We ordered a jump seat for the back of the Jeep so it can safely fit all 6 of us.  We didn't want to leave Siri behind for the day so we packed her in too!  I love Jeeping!
 The cool mountain air was so lovely.  We were even cold.  It was a real treat to wear sweatshirts.
 Max found a secluded lake spot for fishing.  Unfortunately Hank was the only successful fisherman.  But we all enjoyed relaxing by the lake and not being hot!  It always amazes me that we can go from cactus covered desert to cool mountain forest in an hour and a half.
On Sunday we went to brunch and bowling with our good family friends.  Kaitlin beat us all!  I don't think we will be joining the bowling league anytime soon.  We had a lot of laughs and fun over the Labor Day weekend.

Lover Boy

My little lover boy is getting quite the reputation.  I found these sweet love notes in my purse one morning and will often find little notes in the pantry or in my make-up bag.
Then his teacher texted me that he sends her love notes on a daily basis.
I Love you because you are nice and awesome and caring Mrs. Miller. I Love you because you are awesome.
Here is a collection of notes he left on her desk.  :)
Then he might be looking for extra credit as he sneaks in I Love you on his spelling test.  Hank is known around school for his big smile and hugs.  My little lover boy knows how to melt a ladies heart.  I am thinking he is going to be a major heart breaker in high school.

Back To School Bash

Wow!  I realized that I haven't posted in over a month.  Back to school has been so busy this year.  Normally I go through a mild depression because the house is so quiet and I can't find enough to do to keep myself busy.  Things are different this year.  I can't seem to juggle all the balls I have in the air.  The kids asked me if I was done blogging.  I would like to keep going but it seems to be harder and harder to make time for it.  As a result I have quite a bit of catching up to do.
We made it back to Benihana's for our back to school bash.  The kids love this once a year special treat.  This year we went with our good friends.  Family friends where the parents and the kids all love to hang out is so much fun.  After dinner was over the boys begged us to hang out for "Happy Time" (happy hour) at their house.  While we were there boys will be boys and they started wrestling.  Ben knocked out Hanks front tooth that had been hanging on by a thread.  They were so thrilled with themselves and all the blood.  It was a very fun way to celebrate back to school.