God's Parenting Playbook

A couple weeks ago Max got a call from the Mission's Pastor at our church asking if we would be willing to be filmed for the intro for the upcoming series about parenting.  We were happy to help but warned him that acting was not our strong suit.  
Max and I had a few good laughs imagining how our family came up as the team started talking about the series.  We figured it went something like this: "What family always looks hectic and wild?"  Someone probably said, "Oh, who is that one family that is usually late with the teenager half asleep, the kids fighting over who gets to check in on the computer, and that rowdy little boy that is always running around?"  Then the youth pastor exclaims, "Oh yes!  The Smith's would be perfect!"  Well, we have no way of knowing of course, but this seemed like the likely scenario.  :)  Hollywood won't be calling anytime soon, but here is our acting debut with a whole lot of magic done by the very talented writer/directer/producer/editor/pastor, Michael Faye. 

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