Labor Day Laughs

A three day weekend is music to my ears.  We originally were planning on going camping for the weekend but with a forecast of rain and having a leaky tent, we decided to just do a day trip to the mountains.  That left two days for playing!
On Friday night we went to Top Golf with a group of friends.  It is a high tech driving range where the balls have chips to identify each player.  You get more points the more times you get the ball into one of the lit up circles and the further you hit.  I wore my best golf outfit.  I don't think I have been more embarrassed.  It was more like batting practice with repeated strike outs as I whiffed over and over.  Well, someone has to provide the comic relief in such a tense situation.  Those men can get pretty competitive.
 The girls decided to do a blind make-over of each other while we were out.  I am thinking they should stick to eyes open make-overs.
 We ordered a jump seat for the back of the Jeep so it can safely fit all 6 of us.  We didn't want to leave Siri behind for the day so we packed her in too!  I love Jeeping!
 The cool mountain air was so lovely.  We were even cold.  It was a real treat to wear sweatshirts.
 Max found a secluded lake spot for fishing.  Unfortunately Hank was the only successful fisherman.  But we all enjoyed relaxing by the lake and not being hot!  It always amazes me that we can go from cactus covered desert to cool mountain forest in an hour and a half.
On Sunday we went to brunch and bowling with our good family friends.  Kaitlin beat us all!  I don't think we will be joining the bowling league anytime soon.  We had a lot of laughs and fun over the Labor Day weekend.

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