Small But Mighty!

Volleyball tryouts at Karlie's middle school consist of a month long try out where they have practice 4 days a week.  They then have a volleyball tournament known as Super Saturday where the coaches make the cuts after watching the girls get a chance to play multiple games.  It is great because it allows all kids to participate in a sport for a month and to possibly try things they never have before.  
The Cougars have an 8th grade team, which is like the varsity team, and the 6th and 7th grade combined JV team.  Historically very few 6th graders have made the JV team.  There were over 40 girls trying out for the JV team.  We cautioned Karlie that without having her overhand serve it was unlikely she would make the team.  We should learn that when Karlie puts her mind to something, she will succeed.  Despite being the smallest player, a 6th grader, and not having her overhand serve, she made the team!  However, watching her play I can see why.  She has the best attitude and is a team player.  She plays her heart out and goes for every ball getting many digs.  She is the kind of kid you want on your team.
I am so proud of her and am a little embarrassed by how much I love watching her play!  I broke into a full blown sweat the first game because I was so into it.  Get it together man, its a JV middle school game.  Luckily I haven't crossed the line into the obnoxious mom screaming and ranting at refs.  But it might be in my future if the first few games are any indication of the passion I feel.  :)
They handed out jerseys and she came home beaming that she had gotten number 13, her Mama's number!  Lucky 13.  Although I am not sure this girl needs luck, she has got Sparkle!

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