They Say They Come In 3s...

 Kaitlin has had a week for the record books.  She had complained on and off of a head ache for a week, then she started to have a little bit of a sore throat so I decided to take her to the doctor.  Sure enough she had Strep.  I figured a day of antibiotics and she would be back at school.  However, she continued to feel worse and her fever kept going higher and higher.  Finally, on the second day she was running 103 through Ibuprofen and developed a cough.  I knew something was wrong and knew that two kids in her class were out with walking pneumonia.
By the time I talked with the doctor the next day she was having pain on her left side when she coughed.  The doctor decided she likely had mycoplasma which causes walking pneumonia and prescribed her an additional antibiotic.  Numerous children her class have been diagnosed with this and nearly half of fourth grade has been sick these last two weeks.  Hank's teacher's son was in the ICU and Kaitlin's best friend has been out the whole week with it.  Finally two days after the stronger antibiotic Kaitlin turned the corner and broke her fever!  She was so happy to go back to school on Monday.
I am coaching her volleyball team and during practice she came to me and said that she had gotten a bump on her back at school that her friends thought was a spider bite.  I looked under her shirt and instantly saw a blister like bump.  Later that night 4 more pox developed on her legs.  I took her back to the doctor and sure enough she had Chicken Pox!  Only 2% of children that have had the Chicken Pox vaccine will become infected with Chicken Pox.  What a lucky lottery to win!  Poor girl was out of school for two more days.  Thankfully the vaccine drastically reduced the course of the illness and the pox on her legs never blistered and she never had a fever.  She was just itchy!  I told her bad things happen in three's so she should be healthy for the rest of the year!

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