The last Sunday in August we had a girls day out.  We went out to lunch and then to see the performance of Wicked.  Max and I had been to it a few years ago and when it came back in town I knew the girls would love to see it!
When I was buying the tickets I was shopping in the "economy" section otherwise know as the balcony.  The front row seats were much cheaper than the rest of the balcony.  I couldn't imagine why that would be from the times we had been their before.  I excitedly snapped up the tickets feeling smug that I had gotten a deal.  I figured that "partially obstructed view" was referring to the angle at which you were sitting allowed you to see back behind the curtain a bit.  No big deal.

Well, that front row, nosebleed seat has a nice large guard rail that hits right at your line of sight!  We spent the first half of the show arching and leaning to see around the rail.  By intermission we all had sore backs.  However, there were 5 seats one row up directly behind us that no one sat in the entire first half.  After the intermission we coyly snuck up a row and enjoyed an unobstructed view for the rest of the show.  Lesson learned.  If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. :)

The girls were so sweet.  They repeatedly said how it was no problem and how much they liked the seats despite leaning and ducking to see the performance.  We really enjoyed the show and I loved having a special day with the ladies.  The girls were blown away with the talent and pageantry of a live performance.  It was a wickedly fun afternoon with my girls and I will be on the look out for another show that will be worth splurging on seats without a partially obstructed view.

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