Big Sky Buddies

For half of fall break we took off for the cool Montana air!
It was our first time flying Allegiant and we really enjoyed the smaller airports.  So much less hassle and time wasted.
Although there were some monkeys on board it was a nice and easy flight.
I was so excited to see my best friend from college.  The beauty of life long friends is you can pick up like you never left.  We live over a thousand miles apart and rarely get to chat but you would never know it. Courtney is one of the kindest and strongest people I know.  I just love hanging with her.  We stayed up way too late every night catching up!
Even cooler than getting see my best buddy is how much our kids like each other too.  There was not a single argument or fight the entire time we were there.
Cate and Bodi generously shared their rooms and toys.
Kaitlin and Cate were two peas in a pod for sure.  Sisters from a different mother,  and well father too!
Our first day we hiked the M.  It was 800ft of elevation in half a mile!  There was a little complaining from the kids to say the least.  We took the long way down that was easy and gradual.
Such beautiful views!
That afternoon we went to a corn maze.  We had never done one before.  It was hard!  Turns out Hank is allergic to the hay or corn and he started having a bit of an asthma attack so we had to cut the trip short to get home to his inhaler.
We grabbed some pumpkins from the store and the kids got to carve them.  All of our favorite fall fun.
October wouldn't be complete without Max's morgue!  Max added a few Montana skeletons to his morgue this year.  The little ones loved dancing around in their glow in the dark PJs while Hailey is a cool cat.
The next morning we took a beautiful hike up to Pine Creek Falls.
The cool mountain air was so refreshing.  It was awesome to feel cold!
It was just over a mile to the falls.
So much bang for your buck!
We took a fun break at the falls.  Of course Hank fell in and got his bottom and feet soaked.
Snickers has quite the campaing going.  I bought into it.  It was a fun way to motivate the kids to the top.
We had the complainer 2 pack for Cate and Kaitlin, the Sleepy 2 Karlie and Hailey, and the Cranky 2 Hank and Bodi.  While they all enjoyed a Snickers break, I broke out a Kit Kat for Hank since he can't partake in the Snickers fun.
After our fun hike we went the Chico Hot Springs.  The hot water was just what we needed.  Might have been a photo bomber in the pool. :)
I love this family.  My family loves this family.  They were so generous to share their beautiful Montana home with us.  We only wish we could get together more than once a year.
Can't wait to see you in the spring!

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