Watching your children grow up is a strange thing.  When the first one is born you look for every milestone and secretly want them to achieve it early.  We couldn't wait for her to crawl, then to walk, and talk and learn her ABC's and read and so on.  Then with the second child you have confidence on your side and are not quite as eager for each of those milestones.  By the fourth I was hoping he would be delayed within normal limits to hold on to the baby that grows so fast.  Even still we are pulling on the reins with each of them.
Our first baby has grown into a gorgeous woman who is lucky enough that the outside matches the inside.  I can so clearly remember my first Homecoming that it seems impossible time has flown by that I now have a daughter in high school going to Homecoming.  Hailey and I spent the day shopping and trying on dresses in all the stores.  We brought 2 back to show Max but neither seemed just right.  So we went back the next weekend and found the one!  I got a mini glimpse into wedding dress shopping.  It was so strange to be in my mother's shoes.  It was always a special day when we went dance dress shopping. I have very fond memories of spending the day together shopping and having lunch.  I guess I hope to pass that on with my girls.  We overheard two girls in the dressing room next to us trying to buy a dress and her mom had given her $50.00 to find something with her friend.  I felt so sad for her.  My mom always made it feel so special to find the perfect dress together.  The shopping was as much the occasion as the actual dance was.
 Of course after lunch we had to find shoes and jewelry and fit in a manicure!
 Max raced home from Hank's football game to see off his beauty.
I can say first hand the evolution of the Homecoming dance has not been all good.  Really feeling like an old timer, but back in my day...  A boy would ask a girl to the dance.  He would have to have the guts to come over and meet your parents.  There would be collaboration between the parents about how the night would go.  The couple would go to dinner, they usually exchanged a corsage and boutonni√®re.  Well, all that is history.
Now even if you have a boyfriend, everyone goes in big groups.  A boy did ask Hailey to the dance but she turned him down because she didn't want to give him the wrong idea.  So she went to dinner with her buddies and then onto the dance.  We were saddened to hear what the dance has become.  Many of the kids' parents rent party buses where alcohol mysteriously appears.  The parents think this is a way to prevent drinking and driving.  The thought is at least the kids will not be driving, so lets put them in a controlled environment and let them get drunk.  This has led to kids getting drunk on the way to the dance too.  Hailey said they had to close the girls bathroom because so many girls were throwing up.  One girl passed out and many were in tears.  With no boys to dance with, puking classmates and hysterical girlfriends, it wasn't a dance to remember.  :(  The girls had Max pick up early and they said the most fun they had was the drive home where they got to play music they liked and laugh.  I guess it can't get much worse, hopefully next year Homecoming with take a cue from the past.

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