Salt River Prickly Peaks

With the temperatures cooling to below 100 we figured it was time to pick up our hiking.  We still have 4 more peaks to conquer to make our goal for 2015.
Near our house is a beautiful and rocky mountain that was begging to be climbed.  Last Saturday we decided to climb it.
 It was one of the most difficult hikes we have done even thought it only gained 500 ft of elevation.  The rock was very unsteady and would give way easily.  As an extra bonus it was covered with Cholla cacti.  
I was trying to go around the Cholla cactus on the right when the rock I was holding broke off causing me to fall chest forward on the cactus!  OUCH!!  While Max was trying to bat it off me with a stick he batted into my hand.  It would have been a perfect tape for America's Funniest Home Videos.  After we gently deplucked me, we continued our quest for the top.  It was quite the climb to get to the top.
 But we made it!  We were rewarded with beautiful Sonoran desert views and an entire field of Cholla  cacti just waiting for us on our descent.
Going up is always easier than going down.  We had a few missteps but made it home safely.  Nine down and three to go!  Hopefully the next three won't be so prickly.

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