A Full Thanksgiving

This is the first Thanksgiving we have celebrated with just our crew.  It seemed quiet and not as stressful because after all it was just us.  No time deadlines or relatives to impress.  But having it be just our family allowed us to join some traditions that our friends invited us to be a part of.
 After making a 3rd pie, preparing the stuffing, and prepping the birds we headed to the park for a giant flag football game.  It must have been 30 plus kids against 20 adults.  Bloody Marys were flowing and the game got increasingly competitive as the morning wore on.
 Hank sustained two injuries, one caused by Max as he tried to leap over him and knocked him to the ground.  As the game progressed it got serious.  Put aging men who are trying to prove they still got it against high school football players who are young, athletic and fearless, it gets dicey.  When teenage boys cry because they are in pain in front of so many, you know it's rough.  One dad sustained a rib injury after a dog pile and many dads had to take a few downs out to catch their breath and work on their Bloody Marys.  We finally pulled the kids out of the game for fear we would be visiting the ER again.  Not surprisingly the kids whipped the adults.  It was a really fun way to start the day.  We were very thankful no one was severely hurt.  :)
Then it was time to get cleaned up and start the real cooking!
 It's a long tradition that Max and I have a turkey throw down.  We weren't about to stop just because it would only be 6 people eating 30 pounds of turkey!  I am proud to say I held onto my reigning championship as the best bird.  But I sure love my opponent.
 Karlie is quite the cook!  She was my right hand gal for everything.  She made the sweet potatoes, the cranberry relish, the pumpkin pie and did the lion's share of the dishes.  I am very grateful for this beauty.
 I have so much to be thankful for.
 After dinner the kids surprised us with a musical performance.  Each of them played two pieces for us.  It was delightful after dinner entertainment.
Our friends that are like family invited us to their family celebration at the Princess.  Every Christmas the Princess turns into a magical wonderland with an ice skating rink and even fake snow.  Santa, a petting zoo, a Christmas train, and a light show make for a spectacular evening.  We ice-skated and sat around the fire pit enjoying the 2.6 million lights!  We tuckered Hank out and he fell fast asleep under a pile of blankets and coats by the fire pit.
We ended up fitting in pie at 10 o'clock!  Karlie made the pumpkin and Kaitlin helped me make the blackberry.  A sweet end to a very full Thanksgiving.

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