Halloween Happenings

October is such a fun month full of Halloween activities.
 I recruited some helpers for the two Halloween class parties I was in charge of.  I see some future room moms!  Halloween wouldn't be complete without Booing our friends, eating Halloween Mac-N-Cheese, and watching the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
 I love this season of my life and desperately want to hit pause.  Anytime I am on campus and Hank sees me, he comes running full speed and leaps into my arms nearly tackling me.  He gives me a big old hug and then runs on his way.  Melts my heart every time.  Seven year old mama's boys are hard to beat.
 Everyone got in the spirit on the Friday before Halloween.  I got to run Kaitlin's party where they felt "body" parts that were actually food.  Freaked out fourth graders are the best!  Some of them were too afraid to feel it even though we told them it was just food.  :)
Many Halloween treats to chase down the candy.
Max liked this eggless pumpkin cheesecake so much he has requested we have it instead of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!  GASP!  SHOCK!  HORROR!  I love him, but I am not sure it is legal to have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.  Guess I will have to make a his and hers.
 Pool Pumpkin Patch!
This might have been the coolest day we have carved pumpkins in AZ.  Bathing suits were not required this time.  All the kids carve their own now.  Hank was a big fan of Grampy's way using the drill.  His pumpkin ended up looking like it had chicken pox.
We had fun visiting with my parents and making some caramel apple treats.  October flew by so fast I feel like we were just getting warmed up and its already over.  I will blink and it will be Christmas.  Please slow down Father Time...

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