Sneak Away to Sedona

With the cooling temperatures we decided to sneak off to Sedona for the weekend.  The weather was glorious.
The first thing we did once we got their was to hike to Devil's Bridge.  It was a gorgeous and quick hike! So much bang for your buck.
Hailey brought her buddy so it wouldn't so boring and it was an added bonus to have two built in babysitters.  :)
This is Hank and his buddy Ben out on the bridge. 
My loves out on the edge!
Hailey and Jess were a little more risky than the rest of us.
After the hike we went for a bike ride to Bell Rock.  It was a bit crazy trying to get 11 bikes up and running.  Our good family friends spent the weekend with us.  We managed to complete the loop with only 3 injuries and numerous complaints.  Awe but the sights were so worth it!
We ditched out on our team responsibilities.  Both Max and I coach teams and the kids all missed an activity, but the sneaking out was worth it.  Sedona is a crazy beautiful place that we can't wait to sneak off to again.

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