Thompson Peak

We are getting down to the wire to complete our 12 peaks in 12 months goal.  For our 11th peak we did Thompson Peak.  Thompson Peak is one of the most noticeable peaks in Scottsdale because of the very large and ugly cell phone towers on it.
See that mountain behind us?  That is what we set out to conquer.  Thompson Peak is 3966 ft. high.  This was the longest hike we have done.  We needed to get it done quickly so Hailey didn't have to babysit all day.  Therefore, we decided to mountain bike as much of the trail as possible.  It is a 9.7 mile hike out and back.
 We rode our bikes for about 3 miles and then it became too steep.  Max locked our bikes to a Palo Verede and we set out to reach the peak.
 While doing my research I had read the Thompson Peak hike was considered an expert level hike.  I kinda poo-pooed it because often I feel the ratings are inflated.  I was put in my place on this hike.
 There is an 1895 ft elevation change but the majority of it happens over the final 1.2 miles!  There are sections of the fire road that had to be paved because the grade is greater than 30% and the trucks needed the traction.  I had to sit down and rest multiple times along the final stretch.  We always thought hiking was healthy.  I guess not when you reach to top of a giant radio and cell phone tower.  Hopefully we didn't get cancer from our hike!
It is unfortunate they put the towers there.  It is by far and away the best view we have seen.  We loved the hike because only a few nutty people are out trying to hike it.  We saw a handful of people but had the trail to ourselves as they were all heading out.  We didn't want to stay too long near the radiation, so we began our 5 mile hike home.  I was exhausted when we got home.  We did the hike in 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Max told me afterward that he never would have asked me to do it and was happy I pushed him to do it with me.  11 down, 1 more to go!

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