Heart of Gold

Kaitlin is growing into a very organized, nurturing and caring little lady.  She had an exciting field trip down to Tucson that had them leaving at 5:30 am from school and returning at 9 pm.  She planned out a list to be sure she would be ready on time!
1. Wake up at 4:25-4:30 am
2. Get dressed until 4:35 am
3.  Brush hair until 4:37 am
4. Eat breakfast until 4:50 am
5. Brush teeth until 4:52am
6. Get bag (make sure has everything) till 4:55
7. Get in car and Get there!
Be Ready 4 Field Trip!
 We were there early- might be a first ever for our household!
 Neighbors moved in down the street around Christmas and we have been meaning to welcome them to the neighborhood.  They have two young children which is a rarity in our neighborhood that is mostly retired couples.  Finally one day Kaitlin and Karlie demanded today be the day we make time to bake something to take to them.  The two of them whipped up cupcakes and we brought them to the neighbors.  I was so proud of the girls.  The neighbors were delighted and it was all because these two have big hearts and made it happen.
 King Arthur Flour came to Kaitlin's school to teach kids about baking bread and baking up kindness. They gave the kids all the supplies for baking bread from scratch.  They wanted the kids to learn the joy of baking and giving.  They provided enough to make two loaves, one for yourself and one to give to someone else.  Kaitlin knew imediatiley she wanted to bake the bread with Hailey and give the other loaf to our friend Mrs. Rose who owns the horses down the street.
Mrs. Rose was touched by her kindness and their family had an entire dinner around Kaitlin's loaf of homemade bread.  :)  Kaitlin has a very big, tender and loving heart.  We are blessed by knowing her and feeling her strong love.

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