Mother's Day

My greatest joy in life is being a mother.  I love Mother's Day not for gifts and to be waited on but because I feel like it is a celebration of the core of who I am.  The special attention is a bonus! :)
 The Friday before Mother's Day Hank's class had an Author's Tea where we got to read the book he published and a score of sweet Mother's Day love notes and crafts.  
In his book about me I loved when he wrote:   My Mom is good at making cereal.  My Mom is not good at turning on the TV.  I love when my Mom tucks me in.  My Mom is really good at making cakes.  My Mom loves ice cream.  My Mom does not like dumping sand out (of his shoes).  So funny and true! 
 I was showered with flowers and love notes at home.  Homemade notes mean a thousand times more than store bought ones.
Karlie made a book with my name making an acrostic poem and a poster about me.
K- kind

L- listener


Kaitlin also made a poster with reasons why everyone loves mama. :)
You make us feel:
loved, happy, important, safe
 Hailey's made me cry.  I love you because you demonstrate to me what a good person should be like.  I've never met another person that unquestionably devotes their time and energy to making everyone around them happy.  Love you!
Karlie made us berry scones for breakfast.
 We went to church and then the one thing I wanted to do was take a family bike ride.
 I love living in the wild west with my wild things.
 To finish of a most wonderful day Max made one of my favorite dinners, citrus shrimp.
Going to bed that night I was so grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a mother.  It is such an immense job that at times brings out the best of you and can also bring you to the breaking point.  There are times you wonder if you are qualified for the job and wish there were a manual to refer to.  Then there are days like Mother's Day where you think for a minute you might be doing a good job.  Holding them, loving them, nurturing them, and teaching them has been the biggest blessing in my life.  Max makes all my motherhood dreams come true with his love and support.  I feel like one of the luckiest mothers in the world.


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