Art Camp

Hailey has always loved to draw.  Each year her abilities get better and better.  She is getting so good now that people are requesting sketches and paintings.  She had a great opportunity to attend a week long art workshop at ASU.
 A class of 12 students learned from an ASU professor how to draw and paint a live model.  The class went from 9:30 - 4:30 every day.  Hailey was very tired at the end of each day.
Over the week we saw a transformation in Hailey.  She had found her calling.  She was wrestling with if she should go to college for art or maybe just minor in it.  She has been hearing her whole life the starving artist routine and she thoroughly enjoyed biology class this year.  This left her wondering if art should just be a hobby and not a career.
However the camaraderie she felt with her classmates and being covered in paint at the end of each day just made her feel like she knew art is where she belongs.  Each of the students sent in some of their work for the class and professor to see.  Hailey sent in these works.
 These two are done with colored pencil.

 These two were done on her iPad.
Her professor told me that she was a natural and fast learner.  She encouraged Hailey to send her drawings and paintings and keep in touch.  It was a really great experience for Hailey.
The highlight of the week was when the class model raved about Hailey's painting she did of her.  Hailey had completed the first realistic oil painting and had nothing to do.  She asked if she could do a second while the other students worked on their paintings.  Hailey decided to do the same painting but in dark hues and with a futuristic sense.  The model loved it, so Hailey gave it to her.  The model was so sweet.  She said she was leaving to graduate school in London and that this was definitely a piece she was taking.  That made Hailey's day!  I have no doubt that Hailey will be an artist, but she will not be starving.

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